Boksburg Bowling Club

100 Years of Great Bowling and Friendships


Club Competitions to commence from the 22nd October 2017. Members are requested to check the Website and Facebook pages, along with the notice board at the Club from every proceeding Wednesday of the week. Your Commitment is appreciated.

Official Club Colours to be worn.

Ladies Selected Pairs-21 Ends Sunday 25th February 2018 at 09H00

Joy Goodison/ Lorraine Mathieson  vs Rinwyn Monoyoudis/ Walda Gary  Top Green Rink 2

Bev Loots/ Anita Sloane  vs  Ena Steyn/ Sharon Blanche  Top Green Rink 3

Men's Open Singles -21 Shots Sunday 25th February 2018 at 09H00

Ian Croasdale  vs Eric Mathieson  Top Green Green Rink 4 Marker Alf Nelson

Bill Atkins  vs Roy Turton  Top Green Rink 5 Marker   Mary Harwood